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PI Sevikar HCT
olmesartan medoxomil with amlodipine besilate and hydrochlorothiazide
date_range 31 Aug 2022
PI Sevorane
date_range 25 Oct 2018
PI Shingrix
varicella-zoster glycoprotein E antigen
date_range 16 Sep 2022
PI Sical
date_range 28 Jun 2021
PI Sifrol and Sifrol ER
pramipexole dihydrochloride
date_range 24 Feb 2020
PI Simbrinza
brinzolamide with brimonidine tartrate
date_range 19 Oct 2022
PI Simpral
pramipexole dihydrochloride
date_range 30 Jun 2020
PI Simulect
date_range 27 Oct 2020
PI Sinemet
levodopa with carbidopa monohydrate
date_range 14 Apr 2021
PI Sinemet CR
levodopa with carbidopa monohydrate
date_range 15 Apr 2021

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