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PI Presolol
labetalol hydrochloride
date_range 30 Oct 2019
PI Prevenar 13
pneumococcal vaccine
date_range 19 Aug 2020
PI Prevymis
date_range 23 Sep 2020
PI Prexum
date_range 09 Mar 2022
PI Prexum Combi
perindopril with indapamide hemihydrate
date_range 09 Mar 2022
PI Priligy tablets
dapoxetine hydrochloride
date_range 19 Aug 2020
PI Primacin
primaquine phosphate
date_range 14 May 2020
PI Primacor
milrinone lactate
date_range 02 Jun 2021
PI Primaxin
imipenem with cilastatin sodium
date_range 28 Oct 2020
PI Priorix
measles vaccine, live; mumps vaccine, live; rubella vaccine, live
date_range 28 Sep 2021

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