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PI DBL Tobramycin Injection
date_range 02 Aug 2021
PI DBL Vancomycin
vancomycin hydrochloride
date_range 11 Nov 2021
PI DBL Vinblastine
vinblastine sulfate
date_range 30 Aug 2021
PI DBL Vincristine Sulfate Injection
vincristine sulfate
date_range 12 Nov 2021
PI DBL Zoledronic Acid
zoledronic acid
date_range 16 Jun 2021
PI Decapeptyl
triptorelin acetate
date_range 29 Sep 2021
PI Deferasirox-Teva
date_range 17 Oct 2021
PI Demazin 6 Hour Relief Tablets
chlorphenamine maleate with pseudoephedrine sulfate
date_range 23 Jan 2020
PI Demazin PSE Cold & Flu Day & Night Tablets
paracetamol with pseudoephedrine hydrochloride and chlorphenamine maleate
date_range 23 Jan 2020
PI Denpax
date_range 02 Dec 2021

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