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PI Colifoam
hydrocortisone acetate
date_range 30 Jul 2020
PI Colofac
mebeverine hydrochloride
date_range 11 Feb 2022
PI Combigan
brimonidine tartrate with timolol maleate
date_range 22 Jan 2021
PI Combivir
lamivudine with zidovudine
date_range 15 Aug 2022
PI Comfarol Forte
paracetamol with codeine phosphate hemihydrate
date_range 08 Dec 2021
PI Comirnaty
date_range 20 Jan 2023
PI Comirnaty [Tris/Sucrose Presentation]
date_range 22 Dec 2022
PI Comirnaty Bivalent BA.1
tozinameran and riltozinameran
date_range 22 Dec 2022
PI Comirnaty Original/Omicron BA.4-5
tozinameran and famtozinameran
date_range 24 Jan 2023
PI Contrave 8/90
naltrexone hydrochloride with bupropion hydrochloride
date_range 06 Sep 2022

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