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PI Anaprox
naproxen sodium
date_range 29 Sep 2021
PI Andriol Testocaps
testosterone undecanoate
date_range 19 Oct 2020
PI Androderm
date_range 13 Oct 2020
PI Androfeme 1
date_range 12 Jan 2021
PI Androforte 5
date_range 05 May 2021
PI Anoro Ellipta
umeclidinium bromide with vilanterol trifenatate
date_range 10 Feb 2021
PI Anpec (new formulation)
verapamil hydrochloride
date_range 11 May 2022
PI Antenex
date_range 10 Nov 2020
PI Antroquoril
betamethasone valerate
date_range 01 Aug 2022
PI Anzatax Injection
date_range 11 Oct 2021

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