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CMI Skyrizi
date_range 10 Oct 2022
CMI Sodium Bicarbonate
sodium bicarbonate
date_range 07 Apr 2020
CMI Sodium Chloride Injection and Intravenous Infusion
sodium chloride
date_range 25 Aug 2021
CMI Sodium Chloride Irrigation Solution 0.9%
sodium chloride
date_range 31 Mar 2020
CMI Sodium Valproate Sandoz
sodium valproate
date_range 26 Sep 2022
CMI Sofradex
dexamethasone with framycetin sulfate and gramicidin
date_range 15 Jun 2022
CMI Soframycin
framycetin sulfate
date_range 13 Jul 2022
CMI Solaraze
diclofenac sodium
date_range 22 Sep 2021
CMI Solian
date_range 26 Sep 2022
CMI Solifenacin Mylan
solifenacin succinate
date_range 17 Dec 2020


Reading the CMI does not take the place of counselling by a health professional. Always talk to your doctor or pharmacist about all aspects of your medicines, including why you are taking them and what benefits / risks you can expect.

The CMI for your medicine that is on this web site is the most up-to-date version available. It may differ from a CMI that you previously received from your doctor or pharmacist, or in your pack of medicine.

This web site does not contain all CMIs for medicines sold in Australia and not all medicines have a CMI available for them. If you do not find a CMI for your medicine on this page, contact the pharmaceutical company who makes the medicine or talk to your doctor or pharmacist. The information on this web site is intended for use in Australia only.

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